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The following is a list of items that are available for use within the Aberdeen South neighborhood. Please contact the owners for details and availability.

Arnau (561-4454) Pack & Play; Regular car seat for 1 to 4 year old; Car booster seat (approx. 4 to ?); Kitchen chair booster seat.

Brooks (750-4495) Car booster seat for 40 lb. child; Seat to be used at the table.

Capotosto (633-3760) High Chair.

Cranson (517-617-3672) Pack & Play.

Mayers (305-216-5870) Large dog crate.

Messner (753-5223) Booster seat.

Mortensen (908-295-3295) High chair; Pack & Play; Kiddie tent with crawl tube; toys

Neary (561-4538) Portable infant through toddler booster seat.

Perry (259-8388) 2 twin plus 2 queen blow up beds.

Ryker (856-275-3260) Pack & Play; High chair; Umbrella stroller.

Seymour (430-2159) Four inflatable mattresses; Car seat (small); Stroller. Little Big Wheel with adjustable seat. Kids up to about 5 years

Williams (954-647-9706) Infant booster seat; Pack & Play; Stroller.

Zeigler (259-7021) Pack & Play; Baby jogger.


If anyone would like to add items, they can contact me or our webmaster, Jim Manchester at


Thanks to everyone for sharing.


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