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Men’s (Friendly - no check/raise, leave weapons at door) Poker Game

Contact Mike Flugman, 352-750-5224, 
First Tuesday of every month at Truman Rec Center, Edsel Room, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Mike sends a sign-up E-Mail a week before the game.  Get on his E-Mail list.

Bring your own drinks and snacks.
We use money, not chips.  Bring quarters, singles, and fives

Summary of Mike’s Rules:

Mike originally setup the rules and betting limits. There have been changes.
Where there is doubt, Mike’s interpretation of the rules is final.


Games are high-low, 5/7-stud, draw, and community-card type games (ex: Texas Holdem).

Each player antes $0.25 ($0.50 for 5-card draw/stud), dealer choice, no wild cards, no check/raise.

7-card stud:  $0.25 bet, $0.50 on pair or last two cards.
5-card stud:  $0.50 bet. $1.00 on pair or last card.
5-card draw: $0.50 bet, $1.00 after draw only, three card max draw.
Texas Holdem: $0.25 on deal and flop, $0.50 on turn and river card.

Note: if game is high/low, there is a bet after declaring, and last card limits apply

Hi-Low - If player goes both (swings) he must win both or lose entire pot.
             No ties.
             Best Low is Ace, 2, 3, 4, 6 (not all same suit).

Declaring Hi-Low :
             No coin = Low (or high spade in hole - depends on game).
             One coin = High.
             Two coins=Both high and low (Swings - remember, you must win both ways).

Royalty Hands:
             4 of a kind, a straight flush or royal flush.
             Gets additional $1.00 from each player.

End of Night Deal Off (last hand of night:

Everyone puts in three bets of $2 and is dealt seven cards.

Game is seven card, no peak, and pot is split three ways: high hand, low hand, and high spade.

Last hand can make you a winner or loser. There is always hope.

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